Jan 1, 2011

Rachel Wolfe

26, Female, Sometimes Chicago, mostly the countryside

Sign-Virgo/Libra Cusp

Height-5' 3"


Favorite Color- 1.Red-orange 2. Kelly Green 3. Soft Grey

Favorite Food- 1. Gluten Free Banana Bread 2.Veggies! 3.Rice

Favorite Movie- Subtitled German, French and Japanese Films.

Favorite Animal- Wolf, obvious reasons. By the way, the lone wolf thing is a myth. Wolves mate for life and live in packs. Sounds ideal to me!
Secret Crush-I'm bad at secrets :)
Hobbies-Photography and writing are also hobbies. In ways of currently un-work related hobbies: Gallery/art show outings, sitting, walking or running around outside, baking, reading, knitting, singing, natural health & sustainable lifestyle practices, dancing around like no one's looking when someone's looking.

What are you wearing?-Sleepy eyes and a smile.

What do yo want to be when you grow up?-A healer and conservationist. I want to help mend ills while offering the things and experiences people need to grow.
10 song playlist-
1. More Than a Feeling-Boston
2. Slow Ride-Foghat
3. Use Me-Bill Withers
4. Everybody Daylight-Brightblack Morning Light
5. Cross Bones Style-Cat Power
6. Paper Bag-Fiona Apple
7. Self-Opsvik & Jennings
8. Leaves Falling-Lullatone
9. Inside-Moby
10. Rivers Become Oceans-Fourtet
Website- www.rachelwolfe.com is currently undergoing major updates. In the meantime, I'm online here: wolfie on the web and here the a.o.a.

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