Jan 8, 2011

Natasha Grezina

A/S/L- 23/girl/Sevastopol, Ukraine

Sign- Sagittarius

Favorite Color- blue, white, black

Favorite Food- Potatoes with chicken

Favorite Movie- Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Favorite Animal- Basilisk

Hobbies- painting, watching films and sky

What are you wearing?- new mask

What do yo want to be when you grow up?- I want to be a good artist or a good astronaut!

Create a 10 song playlist-
1. Jesus and Mary Chain - Just like a honey
2. Roskettothesky - Grizzly man
3. Radiohead - Reconer
4. Coco Rosie - Black rainbow
5. Khoiba - 202
6. Alina Orlova - Amerika
7. Shearwater - The snow leopard
8. Kings of Leon - Be somebody
9. My Bloody Valentine - Soon
10. Sigur Ros - Hun Jord

Website- www.flickr.com/photos/grezina/

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