Jan 10, 2011

Jane Savelyeva


Sign- Cancer

Height- 162cm

Weight- 48kg

Favorite Color- I can't decide.. maybe aqua

Favorite Food- dark chocolate with nuts

Favorite Movie- Ghost World

Favorite Animal- at the moment the wombat for sure

Secret Crush- Jack White

Hobbies- drawing, reading, looking up medical conditions on the internet etc.

What are you wearing?- home clothes

What do you want to be when you grow up?- artist/illustrator/librarian

Create a 10 song playlist-
1.Green Pheasant-Fires PGR
3.The Pica Beats-Shallow Dive
4.Castanets-You are the Blood
5.Telepathe-Sinister Militia
6.Panda Bear-Take Pills
7.Swirlies-Her Life of Artistic Freedom
9.Galaxie 500-Pictures
10.PJ Harvey- The Piano

Website- http://thecrowandthecrab.blogspot.com/

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