Dec 11, 2010

Langley Fox

Age- 21

Location- Manhattan is where I go to school, Idaho is where I left my heart.

At what time in history would you like to visit and why?- I always think I would like to go back to a time where the world wasn't surrounded by electronics and the internet. I could live in the woods like a Native American and survive on only what I need...... this changed when we lost our electricity last christmas for 24 hours..... I'm more dependent than I imaged... and heat spoiled...

What did you dream about last night?- Last night I scrabbled through different scenarios of my life, at one point I went to a shitty hair salon to add faint rainbow colors in my hair. After all the tinfoil was removed and my hair was magically styled I realized only the top of my head was platinum blonde and the rest was regular, plus no rainbow.... I'd say that was on the verge of a nightmare. I also dreamt that the present I actually gave my friend for her birthday was about 10 times better in my dream and even I was jealous of what I was giving her. Last my mom welcomed me to womanhood.... wait no.... that happened...

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