Dec 13, 2010

Caitlin Shearer

A/S/L- 21, girl, australia.

Sign- a nurturing cancer

Height- i'm not sure. i'm in between 5 and 6 " i think.

Weight- curved

Favorite Color- baby blue

Favorite Food- banoffee pie, roast chicken, peaches.

Favorite Movie- mermaids, starring winona ryder, christina ricci and cher.

Favorite Animal- kittens

Secret Crush- james spader

Hobbies- drawing, watching movies, cooking, dancing, bath parties.

What are you wearing?- a dark blue oriental silk kimono

What do yo want to be when you grow up?- a housewife with lots of babies
Create a 10 song playlist-
1. obstacle 1 - interpol
2. never met a girl like you before - edwyn collins
3. shelia- atlas sound
4. roslyn - bon iver and st vincent
5. boyfriend - best coast
6. heartbreak hotel - elvis
7. twin peaks theme - angelo badalamenti
8. wuthering heights - kate bush
9. mykonos - fleet foxes
10. slow life - grizzly bear and victoria legrand


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