Dec 10, 2010

Alex Kahalehili

A/S/L- 19/Boy/Maui, Hawaii

Sign- Sagittarius

Height- 5' 7

Weight- 124 lbs

Favorite Color- Blue+Yellow

Favorite Food- Grilled cheeses

Favorite Movie- The Big Lebowski

Favorite Animal- Whalephin

Secret Crush- None

Hobbies- Moking, Skateboarding, Reading, Sleeping, Grinding

What are you wearing?-Navy long sleeve thermal, Light greenish grey jeans

What do yo want to be when you grow up?- Able to make a living off my art

Create a 10 song playlist-
1. Play the part- Little Joy
2. Nantes- Beirut
3. Half Light 1- Arcade Fire
4. Butterfly Nets- Bisop Allen
5. Mince Meat- Danger Doom
6. Here, There, and Everywhere- The Beatles
7. Diplomat's Son- Vampire Weekend
8. Montego Slay- People Under the Stairs
9. Silly Love- Daniel Johnston
10. Love- John Lennon


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