Dec 9, 2010


A/S/L- 18/Male/Maui, Hawaii

Sign- Taurus

Height- 6 ft

Weight- 146.6

Favorite Color- Red

Favorite Food- Spam, chicken katsu, eggs, and rice are all equally the best

Favorite Movie- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Favorite Animal- Plovers

Secret Crush-

Hobbies- Skateboarding, stretching, pondering, ear cleansing

What are you wearing?- A heather grey t shirt with a character I drew on it, RVCA olive green shorts, green and yellow plaid boxers, and my Splendour in the Grass 2010 festival wristband

What do yo want to be when you grow up?- An artist involved in the skateboarding industry, typical.

Create a 10 song playlist-
1. The Wolf - Papercuts
2. Cobwebs - Atlas Sound
3. Supervillain Theme - Madvillain
4. An Afterthought - Black Widow
5. Sun Was High (So Was I) - Best Coast
6. Good Vibrations (Session) - The Beach Boys
7. Loon And The Lion - Levek
8. All Day - Human Highway
9. Vacation Island - Kid Koala
10. All I Have To Do Is Dream - Everly Brothers

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